Wednesday, January 19, 2005


10 Things Your Architect Won't Tell You

1. "Having an architecture degree and having a license are two very different things."

2. "You may not need me at all."

3. "If I can't read your mind, I'll just design things my way."

4. "I see your budget as an opening bid."

5. "My payment plan may take advantage of you."

6. "My drawings aren't really builder-ready."

7. "I often don't know what things cost."

8. "Your contractor and I have communication issues."

9. "Once the blueprint's done, I'm outta here."

10. "A package deal can be a package mess."



10 Things Your Interior Designer Won't Tell You

1. "My qualifications? Well . . . my friends say I have good taste."

2. "I'll decorate in my style, not yours."

3. "I'll redesign your budget."

4. "You have no idea how much that sofa really costs."

5. "My hourly rate will make you see red."

6. "Shop at the right stores and you'll pay less for designers."

7. "My contractors will cost you."

8. "You and I have different perceptions of time."

9. "Custom-made can make a big mess."

10. "If I botch your project, good luck getting reparations."



10 Things Your Lawyer Won't Tell You

1. "You might win your lawsuit and wind up with nothing."

2. "Gee, I don't know much about the law..."

3. "...but I'd sure like to get to know you better."

4. "Okay, I've made some mistakes. Good luck finding them!"

5. "I never win."

6. "I won't take your chump-change case."

7. "I charge as much as you'll let me."

8. "You may be better off without me."

9. "Wanna sue me? Oops — you signed that away."

10. "And even if you can sue, you can't win."


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