Friday, May 16, 2008

Macau Vacation * 13th to 16th May 2008

The Venetian
Macau Resort Hotel

arrival at Hotel Reception

inside the Resort Hotel

Grand Hotel Lobby

at the Great Hall

the hugh Casino!

The Grand Canal Shoppes

at Food Square

the Grand Canal

Wife Mei Wan with 'Human Stature'

Niece Pui San with Dato' Cheong

at the San Tou Tou Restaurant

Great meal!

group at traditional Chinese Restaurant

good foods too!

Pui San the 'fortune teller!'

at the St. Paul ruin

at top of ruin

Happy Lim with Wife

Shopping at the Square!

lunch at Portuguese Restaurant

the Ladies relaxing in the Hotel suite

1 comment:

nomsta* said...

Nice suite!

I been to Macau only a few times when Angelita was living there, and we def stayed clear of the casinos coz we both hate it. So the only place I have been to in those pics was the St Paul gates. She was living at this charming lil village called Coloane with the most famous Ju Par Pow (Pork Cutlet Bun)!

Now she has moved to Lamma Island in HK, and soon to a neat lil cottage with a small garden around it at Sai Kung. The gal loves her nature lah.