Friday, May 09, 2008

Do what you do best!

Do what you do best
Tessie Lim

As a performance coach, what is the most common question you get asked and what is your response to it?
I'm often asked "how do I know what I am meant to do with my life?" My response is to seat the client comfortably and ask them to close their eyes and relax.
Then I would ask them to direct their attention to the things that they enjoy doing, and when doing these, they feel so right they get a sense that time just floats away…
For some people, this could be working with animals. For others, it involves working with many other people, and for yet others, they are most happy doing things alone. Computer geeks fall into this category!

We do our best when we do what we do best.
So begin by realising what your gifts and talents are, what you have a natural flair for, and what you could enjoy doing all day so it doesn't seem like work at all.
Then ask "what does this mean to me" and "how is this important to me?"
When we become aware of this, we are beginning to find our purpose in life.
When we live our life purposefully, we find that we are always focused on what we can do well that makes us happy… and because doing it has so much meaning for us, we are always looking for ways to spend more time on it and be better at it.

Living our 'Best Life'
You often talk about "living our best life." What does this really mean and how would you advise people to go about achieving it?
"Best" means "optimum", "most" or "full." Living my "Best Life" means that I live my life to the full.
To live my "Best Life" means I use all my talents to produce the fullest experience I can of the moments and hours each day.

To do this, I need power, the power to make choices, the power to get involved, the power to have a say. I need to be in control, to have influence over what I experience each day. To have all this, I need to be "self-referent."
This means I live by my principles, my beliefs and my understandings, not by what others tell me to do. To have influence, control and choice, I need power… to agree or disagree, the ability to think and decide for myself, if what I am doing will help or hurt me.
To Live Our Best Life requires courage because it involves doing what's right for us. This means having to say no sometimes because those things don't fit into our set of priorities.

We can start by checking that our attitudes are positive and that we have a zest for life.
Is being alive and happy important to us?
If yes, then we are on the right track!

That positive attitude will generate feelings of gratitude because we are always thinking how wonderful this is and how interesting that is and how lucky we are to be at that place at that time!

Life is beautiful!

Tessie Lim is the Founder of World Center of Personal Excellence, a company she set up for the purpose of enabling and driving dreams through facilitating and realising potential, defining purpose and meaning for an optimal life.

She is a certified performance coach with an extensive background in behavioural psychology, marketing, business and education. Her personal mission is to inspire the courage, confidence and the freedom to empower us to live our best life.

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