Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Diving Trip to Pulau Weh, Aceh, Indonesia * 15 - 20 Jan 2008

Arrival at Bandar Aceh

Ferry from Aceh to Pulau Weh/Sabang

Leaving on Ferry

Approaching Pulau Weh

Ferry Terminal at Pulau Weh

Scenic view of Pulau Weh

Steffen Dive Centre

with Dive Buddy Vincent Choy

Dive Instructor Steffen Ng

Briefing before dive

Boat ride to divesite

Diver Lim in action underwater

Cleaner shrimp

more shrimps

Sea snake

Lion fish

School of baby catfish

Clown fish

Sciopion/stone fish

nice blue sea

with Mustafar our local friend

Gabang Gabang Resort

resort chalet

Aceh House at Bandar Aceh Muzium

The Bandar Aceh Mosque - only building not destroyed by the 2004 tsunami

Diver Teng at house where boat landed during the tsunami

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