Saturday, April 09, 2005

7 Secrets of Extremely Prosperous People

The Seven Secrets of Extremely Prosperous People
By Robert G. Allen

Let's talk about the seven secrets of extremely
prosperous people. I call them secrets not
because very few of us are aware of them,
but because very few of us practice them.
The secrets are, in reality, skills....essential
money skills that all wealthy people practice.
I believe that if you learn these skills,
wealth can also flow into your life....multiple
streams of increasing prosperity.

That'd be nice, wouldn't it?
Money to buy whatever you want....houses,
cars, travel, freedom.
Surplus to share with the people you care most about. Security. Peace of mind.
That's what these skills will bring you.

Fundamental money skills.

Remember the 80/20 principle.
20% of the things you do give you 80% of your results. Well, the same holds true for money.
Only about 20% of the things you hear
are really critical for you to understand.
And that should be comforting.....because
there is a blizzard of financial information
swirling around us every day.
How can you make sense of it?
It's only been in the last five years that the average
person even understood what a mutual fund is.....and
think about all of the other new words derivatives,
aggressive growth fund, foreign markets, draw-down. Almost every day I hear words on the television
that even I am not sure of......and I've been
studying these things for years.
It's got to be almost overwhelming to so many people.....and intimidating.
It seems as if we'll never catch up,
or to be able to just understand what is being said,
let alone do anything.....and then, to be successful at it.

Well, you can relax....because in this one special
report you're going to learn what you need to know
about finances so you can cut through that blizzard
of financial information out there to find exactly
what you need to know and discard the rest.
The bottom line is that there are only 7 essential
money skills that will take you to financial security.
Seven things that wealthy people are good at.....
that take them with certainty toward financial success.
You only need to do seven things well.

I call these Money Skills.
And they are:

Money Skill #1. Value it

Money Skill #2. Manage it

Money Skill #3. Save it

Money Skill #4. Invest it

Money Skill #5. Make it

Money Skill #6. Shield it

Money Skill #7. Share it

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