Sunday, May 24, 2009

Architects are sexiest!

Architects are sexiest!

What’s wrong with being sexy?

Architects have been voted the sexiest male professionals
in a survey of women’s ideal partners.
The survey, conducted by the introduction agency Drawing
Down the Moon, found that women favoured architects
“due to the esteem associated with the profession”.
Architects are seen as being “balanced and rounded
individuals who combine a creative approach with a caring,
thoughtful disposition”, the survey found. It concluded:
“Their ability to cope with pressure of work in a relaxed
manner was also deemed to be a significant plus.”
Male architects beat stockbrokers, doctors, film directors
and teachers on the top spot.

However female members of the profession fared less well
and did not feature in the top 10 out of male preferences.
RIBA president David Rock commented that architects
were probably unaware of their animal magnetism:
“Architects were probably the only group on the list whose
self-image is lower than their public image”, he said,
but added: “Mind you, you have to question the veracity
of any list that includes drama teachers”.

RIBA Architecture Gallery director Alicia Pivaro,
who is married to architect Paul Monaghan,
said she thaugt male architects were highly attractive:
“Being married to the architecture’s Mr Sexy,
I would have to agree.”
But she was surprised at the failiure of women architects
to appear on the list. “All the ones I know are very sexy”,
she said.
Men instead voted PR executives the sexiest profession
for females, followed by actresses and journalists.
I guess architects are indeed sexy, hmm… are your lecturers sexy?
Perhaps the right question would be is your boss sexy?

hmm…. found this undated photograph of Mies Van de Rohe
presenting his work with a female companion as a ….. as a…
well, I have no idea why she is there but is she there to spice up
the model or she is the lead designer?
Is Mies’s work sexy? Yes, I think so, for all its transparency
it uses light and reflection to change and slowly unfold the space.
The best of the buildings elicit a response like that the architect
himself had on Dr. Farnsworth at their first meeting:
“The effect was tremendous, like a storm, a flood
or other act of God.” His interior spaces are legendary.
They change with the time of day
and the season. The shiny, reflective metals, the rich leathers,
the tactile fabrics, the reflections from the glass radiate luxury
and a Weimar noblesse and seductiveness.
The polished metal curves of his Brno or Barcelona chairs
have a sexiness about them. They beckon your touch.

The one phrase that can be credited to him alone is
“almost nothing.”
If Mies van de Rohe’s masterpieces are sexy
then I guess his famous quote is sexy too.

“Less is more”

Like all design, there are bound to be amendments
and I would love to amend his quote from

“less is more” to “less is sexy”.


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