Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hari Malaysia!

Today 16th September 2008, Hari Malaysia,
Let us agree that…
There are thirteen states, and only one Malaysia
There are many parties, but we are one nation
While we may differ, we are not enemies
We can be critical, but not offensive
We shall seek and embrace truth, and reject deceit
We shall not take sides based on partisan views
Because wrong is wrong and right is right,
no matter who does it
Let us all oppose corruption, racism and bigotry
Unite for one future,
free from sleaze, discrimination and poverty;
Multiplicity is God’s creation; let us replace race with Unity
Let us see Unity in diversity, and learn to love all, because
When we dislike the other, we dislike part of God’s design,
We are One
We may greet each other in different ways,
what we are all trying to say is:
I am pleased to meet you, my brother, my sister Malaysians
For there are
Many lamps, One Light
Many hearts, One Spirit
Many prayers, One God
Many Colors, One Race.
Have a meaningful Hari Malaysia
Let us add value,
Anas Zubedy

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