Tuesday, May 10, 2005



1. We are Hongkies not Chinese
2. We can talk and shout and nobody gives a damn
3. Jackie Chan is our icon
4. We can live in 5' x 5' cubicle and call it luxury apartment
5. Our children can speak Cantonese at a young age
6. We get to blame everything on Feng Shui or Tung Chee Hwa or the chinese mainlanders
7. No one can threaten Hong Kong, except the few Cathay Pilots
8. Gambling is more interesting than sex
9. We produce a lot of Ms. Hong Kong to the enjoyment of the rich and famous.



1. We are not Chinese
2. Everyone hates us except ourselves
3. Famous for Orchard Road
4. We have our own island
5. Proud of our world class Airport, world class MRT, world class airline,world class telco...
6. We know how to spell 'Salvatore Ferragamo'
7. We know how to enjoy vacation in M'sia - keep a few RM50 notes before you enter the highway: can throw anything, anytime, anywhere and always wash our cars at the resort.
8. The men are always concerned, first question to ask a girl "Do u have CPF?"
9. Never fear getting lost in our country - S$20 taxi ride will get you into the sea.
10. We'll never hv to worry about finding Mr or Ms right coz Govt will find one for us.
11. 1 Sing = 2.2 ringgit nyeh-nyeh-nyeh.. nyeh !
12. It's OK to be Kiasu. It's part of our culture.



1. We are not Australian
2. We live in the biggest country in South East Asia
3. No pirates in Indonesia water if you exclude our Navy and Coast guards.
4. Everything is cheap, even our salaries
5. We can blame everything on Suharto or Habibie or Gus Dur or Megawati or...whoever sitting up there.
6. Only in Indonesia can u get involved in real demonstrations daily for different causes and see no results.
7. Our Rupiah is like a Yo-Yo, it can go up and down just bcoz the IMF say so.....
8. We burn everything and nobody gives a damn about the haze
9. We dont need firefighters as our good neighbours will provide.......



1. World tallest Building, Best F1 circuit, biggest pewter mug,highest standard of university admission... coz Malaysia Boleh
2. We can be driving, picking our nose, cursing another driver, talking on the handphone, adjusting radio and bribing the cop all at the same time.
3. Divorce by sending SMS
4. Traffic summon can be settled on the spot w the cop.
5. Teh Tarek & Roti Canai is the favourite supper
6. We can save a lot of electricity bcoz our TV shows r so crappy
7. We can blame everything on the haze or George Soros or Keadilan or.....some other western countries.
8. Resourceful City Council, one person to drive the van, one to carry the ladder, one to change a street bulb and three others 'supervising'.
9. We make 2 lane trunk roads into 3 lane highway and back to 2 lane when cops are sighted ahead.
10. There's always something for the PSD (or JKR ) to do - They dig, resurface, dig and resurface.......on the same area.
11. All main roads are designated highway coz it gives the govt a reason to collect toll.
12. Our Govt can NEVER be wrong. GOOD, EH ???

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